Thursday 10 April trying to catch up.

Up and after breakfast one set of B&B guests left. Spent the morning catching up on bits I hadn’t done over the last few days. After lunch Chris went to his digital photography session at Over Haddon and I did a bit more housework. First of my summer plants arrived and also the temperature probe returned in the post so hopefully we can get the weather station working again. Despite the forecast being for a miserable day it turned out nice so I took the dogs for an extra walk in the afternoon. Just a stroll around the fields but it felt like spring and suddenly I was planing summer picnics! When Chris got back I popped down to Bakewell to get provisions for the weekend. Called into the hairdressers as the other day they had been talking about an advert I had not seen. This was the advert for the Polo car with the singing dog and they had been wondering who sang the original soundtrack. I had found it on the Internet and told them. After dinner Chris went to the Bakewell Photographic Society, meeting this time on a Thursday. As I had not filed my paper work from last quarter I made a start on that and also chased a couple of overdue payments.