Thursday 1 November October weather stats

A new day and a new month and the day got off to another fine start. One cleaner came up to clean the B&B room and public areas. I went down to Bakewell and found it surprisingly quiet. Bakewell is often more quiet on a Thursday but as it has been so busy this week I thought there would be more people around. Chris went off to the Over Haddon photo club and as it was so nice I spent a couple of hours tidying up in the garden. After tea I took a couple of bookings and then sat down to watch The Hotel Inspector.

So the good weather continues. For October the warmest day was 12 October with the highest temperature recorded as being 17.1. The coldest day was the 24th, which despite being sunny was quite deceptive. The wettest day was 28th (1/2 inch) with 1.53 inches during the month. As a point of interest the last three months total rainfall is usually what we get in October alone (according to Andrew’s dad.) What a weird year.