Thurs 31 May 2007

A light breakfast for three followed by a walk with the dogs. Forecast of showers but looked more ominous than that. One cottage is going home today as the husband is not well so the cleaner had an extra cottage today but it means one less for Saturday. Argos came to collect an oven we had ordered that did not seem to work.

The morning went quickly and and the promise of better weather in the afternoon I donned fleece and started to sort out the pots wit fuchsias etc. No sooner had I done that when there was a rumble of thunder and the rain came down. I spent a couple of hours venturing in and out before deciding to work in the greenhouse. Warmer weather is forecast for the weekend so I brought out a couple of the hanging baskets to harden off. One of the heavy downpours seemed to last a long time so I donned my raincoat and did a job normally Chris does in such circumstances. I walked around the cottages to check there were no overflowing gutters. There was one which knew have been aware of and plan to install another down pipe this year. By now there was a stream flowing down the courtyard into the car park where it collects at the bottom before dispersing. I also walked the length of the drive (200yds) with the rain coming down even heavier. We have bumps along the drive to divert the rain water during heavy showers. These resemble speed bumps. In a couple of places the water was just pouring over the bumps. The cattle grid flooded and soon there was water running into the road. At this point the rain stopped, the sun came out and it felt very warm. The cows, who had been sheltering under the trees, came out and started munching again. Cows dont like rain even with their leather coats. I stopped and said hello to cow 392 who we recently gave an ASBO to for eating my rhubarb! The evening went with paperwork – I took four bookings today- and getting ready for tomorrow. Chris left London to drive back at about 6.30 pm and got back about 11pm. Blame overturned caravans on the M! and a crash on the M40 for that – just what we moved here to get away from!