Thurday 18 October a lot for a quiet day

First thing I saw when opening the bedroom curtains was one of the cows on the road so a quick call to Joanna soon resolved that but not before one phone call and a passing motorist coming up the drive to let us know as well. It was another one of those beautiful autumn mornings when it was a joy to take the dogs out. It was so clear you could make out the sheep on the hillsides. Had planned to do some bits around the house but first went down to Bakewell to pick up something for Chris’s parents. As did not have Smudge had the chance to wander and go into some of the shops. Came back and spent some time with Chris’s parents before tackling bits around the house. An engineer from the electricity board came to look at the tree which fell a few weeks ago. The remaining part is not far from an overhead cable which could be affected if it fell the wrong way. We will have to wait for their verdict.

After lunch Chris went to the photography workshop and I spent a couple of hours doing some gardening. The handyman was up clearing the last bits of the fallen tree and as he needed to go through the fields where the cows were, I had to go and open/close the gates and fend off the inquisitive cows. I helped pick up some logs and tidy up the remaining piles of small branches.
When Chris came back we went over to his parents and started to help them pack. They will be going back tomorrow. Chris’s mum is a lot better today.

Had tea and our B&B guests arrived just after 8pm. Sat down just before 9.30pm and watched the Hotel Inspector. One tip she gave tonight’s couple was to have a meeting once a month away from the business. I’ll go along with that! (We do have regular business meetings-even if they short and regularly interrupted by the phone!) Which reminds me how often do I get through a meal without being interrupted. Today I had three phone calls during my lunchtime sandwich and two during the evening meal (but none after 9pm unlike last night where my last phone call was at 10.20pm). Last email tonight was at 10.45 pm advising us they were having trouble accessing our website from another link. Chris was able to set up a temporary link but will have to sort things out in the morning. It was almost midnight before we got things working again.