Thornbridge Hall

A busy Sunday! It was also a hot Sunday recording the highest temperature for years! To start with there were four departures and one cleaner up as there were two arrivals at our Bakewell cottages (see link). As it was Wimbledon finals day I wasn’t expecting any phone calls but we had three bookings by 11am. We popped down to Bakewell to get the paper and thought we’d get some strawberries but everywhere had run out. I wonder why! Back home I did final checks and we had planned to go to Thornbridge Hall, just outside Ashford in the Water, but decided to have lunch first, mainly because we thought all the food stalls might have sold out by the time we got there. Thornbridge Hall usually opens the gardens and some of the house once a year to raise funds for charity. It is owned by a well known business women who has been restoring the house and gardens over the last ten years. As dogs were allowed we took them too but naturally couldn’t take them in the house. I would have liked an ice cream or a drink but the queues were very long so I got neither.IMG_3401 After a stroll round the gardens (and bumping into one of the cleaners) we decided to leave but on the way out we were stopped by the owner, who happens to love collies, as she is looking for another collie herself. We had met her a few years before when she had made a fuss of our dogs. As I had missed out on an ice cream we came home via Ashford where I got an ice cream from the tea room. Although we were back just after 3pm our two cottages arrived between 3.30 & 4pm. Phoned my friend in Yorkshire who was watching the men’s final but we chatted despite the game being at a crucial point. Knew when Murray had won! Warm enough to eat outside again. What we have noticed over the last few days was the amount of hay making going on. Green Cowden had ‘dropped’ (cut) the grass on Friday to give it time to dry out before baling. while we were eating al fresco there were a number of machines going along the road (tractors, rowers and balers) either going home or onto the next job. Monday was another fine day, not as warm as Sunday with a breeze taking the edge of the temperatures. No departures and one arrival. One cleaner up and the day passed in a myriad of jobs with guests arriving about 4pm. Despite the heat I did some baking but this was because¬† cakes were required for Tuesday. A hot air balloon went by in the evening so that got the dogs going!

IMG_3399  IMG_3388 IMG_3384