The first snow

From Saturday January 7 we had a quieter period as the post New Year guests started to depart.  For a couple of weeks we had just a few cottages in.  Took advantage of the lull to catch up on accounts and commence the deep cleaning regime in the cottages.  We also found a day to go shopping at the Trafford Center.  We did wake up to some snow on Friday 13th January. Probably about an inch but the cleaner couldn’t make it as she had more in her village.  As usual there was hardly anything in Bakewell as I discovered when Chris dropped me off after lunch to go shopping. Towards the end of January we had more guests particularly at the weekends.  The weather was mixed with a combination of fine mild days and colder days and we had a couple of days of hoar-frost which always makes for good photo opportunities. Some friends came to visit one weekend and Chris even managed to come to the Farmers Market with me.

Weather stats for January.  Highest temp 9.4C on 7th with lowest temp -3.7C on 27th.  Warmest day 7th and night 15th.  Coldest day and night 26th.  Wettest day 15th with .4 in rain.  Total for Jan 17 1.66 in compared to 4.07 in Jan 16.