Sunday28 September Sing-along Sound of Music

Not as bright or as warm as yesterday but so be it. Both B&B out with both back in later. One cleaner up to turn rooms round at lunch time. Also two cottages out later in the day. Went to Bakewell on bottle bank run and get a paper. Spent the afternoon finishing of the accounts for the quarter. Had an early dinner so I could go to Buxton with one of the cleaners to see the singalong version of The Sound of Music at the Opera House at 7pm. As we approached we could see a lot of the others had come in costume. When we arrived we were given a ‘props bag’ the explanation of which was given before the film started. Also prizes were given for costumes so it was 30 minutes before the film began and then with an interval it was 10.45pm before we left the Opera House. It was a very enjoyable performance and made me want to go to Austria again soon!