Sunday 9 September

Another fine day was in the offing and after the B&B guests had departed we turned round the double room ready for the next guests. Went down to Bakewell to get the paper but also stopped and had a coffee in Frederick’s. Downstairs it sells ice creams but if you brave the stairs and the glass floor(!) there is a little area for enjoying drinks. Architecturally it is very well done but we were the only ones there. We then went round to the Agricultural Center. Here there was a Bird Art exhibition, mainly sculptures. One of our departing B&B guests was involved with the show and we thought it would be worth a look, which it was. From the sound of it the exhibition could be back in Bakewell next year. By the time we got home it had clouded up a little. Our guests arrived at the time they planned. We got some bits done and had an early tea as we had seats to see Casino Royale at the Over Haddon village hall. It was a free showing of the film ahead of the new season and to celebrate the funding to buy a projector. It as an enjoyable evening helped by a glass of ‘Vesper Martini’ a cocktail from the film. Got back and answered the emails before going to bed.