Sunday 8 June A nice day for a walk

A nice sunny start. After breakfasts took the dogs out and came across Ian in the back fields. They are on the final stretch of silaging and all being well they will finish their fields today so they can start on their neighbours, the Mycocks tomorrow. One B&B out and one cottage in (husbands back well enough to travel) so we prepared for our walk but kept being interrupted so it was about 11.30 before we set off. We drove to Gratton near Elton where we started a five mile walk down Gratton Dale and Long Dale and back to Gratton. Nothing strenuous but a lovely walk through some rolling countryside. Met a few groups of Duke of Edinburgh doing their walk, but in the opposite direction. We found a shady spot for lunch as it was quite hot. Back mid afternoon and really was quite lazy for the rest of the day. Cottage guests arrived about 7m. Had a light dinner on the patio before sitting down.