Sunday 8 July Plan B

Woke up to another nice morning although it soon started to cloud over. After breakfast Andrew indulged in a bit of herd movement so the youngsters found themselves being moved across two fields into the 8 acre field. As usual there is always one or two who go their own way and need to be bought back to the herd. We now have a reduced maternity wing roaming the front field and four acre field.

As the weather forecast had been good (well the last one I saw on Friday said it would be) we planned a walk, packed the rucksacks and were just doing the sandwiches when the heavens opened. Not sure what to do we watched the weather on Countryfile then decided a walk might not be the best thing. So we went down to Bakewell and got the Sunday paper and just got on with things.

Later in the afternoon our last guests of the week arrived. We also had some unexpected arrivals when a couple who came here last year, and are coming back later in the year, called in with some friends to show them where they stayed. I also managed to find some time to start thinking about my holiday – yes in case I haven’t mentioned it I go on holiday next week for the first time in five years! No blog from 16 to 24 July.