Sunday 7 September

Up and after breakfast said goodbye to B&B guests who will be back next month but next time will be staying in a cottage. Down to Ashford to pick up the paper and we walked down to the river to see what state it was in. It was high and very fast flowing but we have seen it higher. Back home and after coffee spent a few hours doing our tax return. Cottage guests arrived about 1pm. A late lunch and after showing some potential guests around we decided to have a few hours off. As usual it was a case of famine or feast and today it was feast. There were a number of craft/antique fairs and open gardens so we opted for Cressbrook Hall which overlooks Water-Cum-Jolly. It does B&B and self catering and we once stayed in the B&B when we were on one of our numerous visits to the area before we moved here. It has a small garden area but with wonderful views and included in the entrance fee was a cream tea. Also there were a number of stalls such as tombola and the Cressbrook Silver Band provided the entertainment. Showers held off for a few hours and we then came back via Monsal Head where we were able to take some pictures including looking to the village of Cressbrook on the hillside. Back home more work on the tax returns before dinner and sitting down just after 8pm. Forecast for this week is more promising so fingers crossed.