Sunday 7 December Matlock Xmas Market

Took dogs for walk and surprised to find how hard the remaining snow still is. Three cottages out, one eventually at about 11.30 so the cleaner was able to stat later than planned. One cleaner up today. As there was a Sunday Market on in Bakewell went to Ashford to get a paper. Went via Kirkdale which was still very frosty as this time of year it gets no sun. Once back did a few odd jobs before lunch. After that headed to Matlock with the dogs for a walk around the Christmas Market. There were a variety of food stalls and a craft marquee. One of the stall holders had been a guest here for the last few nights while he was exhibiting. Went round some of the shops too – the market must have brought extra trade in. Went into Woolies but nothing of interest. Called into see Tony and Jan, the previous owners who live at Matlock. Just as we were about to leave there was a firework display as a part of the market and as we were in an elevated position we got a good view. Back home and a few more odd jobs before dinner then sitting down for Top Gear.