Sunday 6th July – Kiel Canal

Up and after breakfast attended the inter denominational Church service in the ballroom. Some of the Filipino staff have formed a choir and they sang some songs. It was lovely. Then straight down to the Spa for the first of my detox treatments. Today it was a short session on reviving a sluggish lymphatic system. I was strapped to a machine which delivered small electrical pulses aimed at the lymph system. The beautician explained what was happening and told me about the system while it was working. This is supposed to help improve blood circulation which is something I have always had a problem with. Not something that produces immediately noticeable results but hopefully will help long term. You only feel a slight tingling while you are strapped up. I had to drink a few litres of water during the day to help flush out any toxins released into the body. After that I met up with sister and dad in the dining room for lunch but had a light salad. By now it was warm and sunny so after lunch sister and I sat up on the Lido deck as we approached the Kiel canal. This is 99km long and connects the Baltic with the north sea. We were ready to enter at 3pm and just after 3.30 we were through the first lock. Only so many are allowed through at the same time and sometimes you have to ‘park’ in lay-bys as larger ones pass. As it was a Sunday there were lots of people out to see us pass. There was always someone to wave to. After afternoon tea we wondered around before doing a quiz in which we were in a team that came first. We got a Saga Ruby voucher so we must see how many more we can get! After dinner we went to a Classical Music concert before going back up on deck as we continued our progress through the canal. There were still people around to wave to and as we passed one house they let off Fireworks. Whether that was a coincidence I don’t know. By 90 km it was 11.30 so we went to bed just as the mist started to roll in. A magical sight.