Sunday 6 April

Hard to believe this time last year was Easter Sunday. Some of our guests then had a BBQ. Well today woke up to about an inch of snow. This soon started to melt once the sun got going. Took the dogs out and took some pictures which I will publish. Both B&B out with one B&B due back in. Went down to Bakewell for the paper and bottle bank run and noticed the new Thorntons shop was open. As we have been waiting for this event we decided to stop for coffee there. The only disappointment was that it is a franchise cafe rather than a traditional Thorntons cafe (where you get a free Thorntons chocolate with you coffee). Still we had a drink before coming back to turn the room around. The guests arrived before our lunch and as we had not finished the cleaning they went away for a few hours. After lunch did some paper both business and personal. One of the problems with running your own business is that personal stuff gets done last. Perhaps one day I’ll catch up! Later in the afternoon it started to snow again and surprisingly it settled. After dinner sat down and watched Dr Who!