Sunday 30 September comings and goings

First thing I said to Chris this morning is ‘just the morning to get out and take some photos’. The mist was rising out of the dale and a pink/orange sunlight bathed the area. (Sounds good doesn’t it). Up to do an 8am breakfast. Most breakfasts this week have been before 8.30. Put on another load of washing and took the dogs for an early walk. A hot air balloon started to rise from Bakewell and as soon as the dogs saw it they started woofing at it. It headed this way and seemed to be coming down in the fields behind us before lifting again. Chris went out and took some photos whilst I started the 9.15 breakfast. Our American guests felt we were better than another local B&B they stayed in that has won lots of awards which is nice! We chatted with them for a while before they departed for Devon. Went and got the paper from Bakewell.

Had one of the bedrooms to turn around which finished by 1pm just as the first cottage guests arrived, albeit early. They would have come back later but everything was ready ad they have been here before. As it was nice we ate our lunch on the patio. Finished bits in the remaining cottage although they did not arrive till about 5. The SatNav had brought them an interesting way. Both lots of arrivals today have dogs as does one yesterday and one tomorrow so its another doggy week. Expect much woofing from our two!

Our B&B guests arrived not long after 5pm. They have been here a few times and they recently married so we gave them a little surprise gift. They had a cup of tea on the patio as it was still pleasant although starting to cool down. We chatted with them for a while and a few more balloons took off and came this way so the dogs did a bit of woofing. Almost finalised this quarters accounts – just need to reconcile some accounts. Then it will start all over again.

The final quarter is interesting because the quarter end is also the year end which is also New Years Eve. Guess what we will be doing on New Years Eve!