Sunday 30 March

A varied day. Up early (6.10 am old time) for 8 am breakfast new time. It’s going to be a long day! Took dogs out for their walk before going to Bakewell for the paper. One B&B out but no-one in. With the clocks going forward Chris had to start changing all the heating timers, immersion heater clocks, light sensor switches and various other electrical bits. We know we will be finding ones we have forgotten for days! Went to Focus near Buxton for a few bits then came back and had lunch. It was pleasant enough to sit outside – with a jacket on! After lunch started to ‘conclude’ this quarters accounts going through the check lists of accounts to reconcile or finish entering. Had hoped to tie it all up by the evening but with cooking diner and emails and phone calls I did not make the progress I had hoped. Never mind.