Sunday 28 October food glorious food!

An extra hour to play with today. A little bit of a sleep in before up to do breakfasts. The first morning it has rained for a long time. Got blown about a bit taking the dogs out – they did not seem to mind but the wind kept whipping my coat open so I came back wetter than I should have. One B&B out and also one cottage out later in the day (they have booked to come back next Easter). Got the necessary bits done then headed to Buxton. Purpose of visit today was to go to the ‘Great Peak District Fair and Food Fest’ at the Pavilion Gardens. It has become an annual event but it is the first time we have had a chance to go. A lot of the food exhibitors were also at The Farmers Market yesterday but there were some we don’t usually see. Plus there were the craft exhibitors too. We had a good wander and bought a few bits. Then we wandered into Buxton to pick up a paper. As it was lunchtime we stopped for lunch and had a ‘business meeting’. We have to decide what our priorities are for the next few months building/decorating wise in the cottages. After that we went into Argos and got a replacement CD player and a Christmas Tree. (We decorate the cottages for Christmas and one of the trees needs replacing this year).

By the time we got back the sun was shining and we could see the far hills again. One thing was missing. Cows. With so little rain the grass has not been growing enough for the milk cows so Andrew has only been able to let them out for a few hours a day, but they went in yesterday lunchtime and did not come out today. Normally they do stay out until early/mid November so the impact is that they are already having to start using the winter feed. Hopefully today’s rain with the forecast mild weather will result in a brief reappearance before they go in for the winter. The young cows are still on our side of the road for a little bit longer.

The two cottages arrived between 4 & 5 pm. One has been here a few times before (was here when I went on the cruise). Did not get much done apart from planning tomorrow, especially after one of my cleaners phoned to say she could not make it. Looks like I’ll be on beds again!

Had planned to cook a roast but didn’t get around to it. Made some yoghurt for the B&B, stripped some beds and started a fridge on a slow defrost. Sat down to watch Top Gear.