Sunday 27 January 3 hours off!

Up and decided to have a few hours off. B&B guests both left about 10am as did a set of cottage guests. One set of cottage guests left later in the day. Thought we would be able to get a quick start but had a few phone calls, hung up the washing, got the dogs and lunch ready. Sarah from Ashford Cottages (and Critchlows) dropped by to drop off her laundry for collection tomorrow as she is also going to use the laundry service. She is off to Dubai for a few days. We had a chat before she left. By the time we got the car packed it was time for the weather on Countryfile. We then set off for Great Longstone from where I had planned a three mile walk up to Longstone Edge and back via Rowland. It was not a strenuous walk up to the edge but once up there it was quite windy. The path went close by to the Deep Rake quarry which is quite a controversial one and is still working using old mineral rights that Parliament recently endorsed much to the disgust of the National Park, Council for Protection of Rural England and local residents. It is a visible eyesore for many miles but like many eyesores close up it is hardly visible. Had lunch on the edge with views towards Bakewell, Calver and Monsal Head. As we made the descent the wind got a long stronger and as we left the hamlet of Rowland to cut back to where we started we could hardly walk. It didn’t help coming across a new stile that was very difficult to climb and so high we had to lift the dogs over (much to their dislike) as there was not enough room to squeeze between the rungs. Just when we got back onto the road for the last stretch I looked ahead and missed the fact the tarmac stopped and a gully began and I fell over. I thought I had hurt my ankle but my boots probably saved me from injury. The double patch on the knees similarly saved my knee so just a slight graze on my knee and hand luckily. Drove back via Little Longstone and had an exterior look at some new barn conversions (more competition) before coming back home via Monsal Head which was busy. As we got home Chris pointed out we had been away for three hours. Our longest real break since Boxing Day.

Hadn’t been home long when had a phone call from someone who was looking for a cottage from tonight! They came up and took one of the last available cottages for this week. Took a few more bookings . Had tea then went and finished off the paper work for the day finishing about 9.30. I have a busy day tomorrow