Sunday 26 August a walk in the dales.

A nice day forecast and being the only day this weekend with no-one in or out it was a good day for a walk. Knowing it would be busy we did a walk from here. We got the paper from Bakewell and did the usual bits but it was almost midday by the time we were ready to leave. We walked down to Over Haddon then down to Lathkill Dale before heading towards Alport along the dale. We stopped in Alport and took some photos. If you leave the main road there is more to the hamlet. The Lathkill and Bradford rivers converge here so we next set off along the path beside the Bradford towards Youlgreave. We found a spot to have lunch and watched the crowds go by. It was a very busy path but then it was a lovely Bank Holiday Sunday afternoon. When we reached Youlgreave we picked up one of the paths to take us back up to Youlgreave and then out the other side across the fields back here. We were able to look back to Youlgreave and look ahead to Over Haddon. We were also able to see Bolehill from certain vantage points. Through Meadow Grange (properties with the word ‘grange’ in this area often have monastic connections) down to Lathkill Dale then back up the other side to pick up the path back home. Andrews farming neighbours in Over Haddon were moving the cows across the road for milking so a minor traffic holdup was created . As we neared Andrews milking time was approaching so we helped (unably assisted by the dogs) to round up the cows in the last field we passed through and herded them back towards the farm for milking.

When we got home I decided to have a BBQ having bought some bits at the Market yesterday. A quiet evening. PS Chris has put pictures in last Wednesdays blog.