Sunday 24 August Sheldon and a PS

Another nice morning and a good day forecast. One B&B out with one back in later. Got the paper from shop in Ashford then turned the room around for the incoming guests. Had a early lunch so we could squeeze a short walk into Sheldon in before the next guests arrived. We always comment that no matter how many times we walk to Sheldon we always end up on a different path and today was no exception. We took our usual route out the back of Bolehill and headed towards Sheldon past our picnic stop. On the way we came across a field of barley that had not been harvested and it was looking pretty sorry. The forecast is fair for the week so I imagine there will be some late harvesting taking place. Near the Magpine Mine we veered off onto one of the paths heading towards Sheldon except the one we took led us to the bottom end of Sheldon rather than arriving in the middle of the village. Still it was a good opportunity to have a look at the village. As usual on Bank Holiday Sundays the Village Hall was providing cream teas so we stopped and had one. Purchased a leaflet about the village which pointed out the village hall was once the the village school and the pub is less than fifteen years old. We came back a different way and came across a couple from Over Haddon. They remarked on how few people they had seen out walking which I had to agree with. Assume most day trippers will be either at Dovedale or Ladybower. Back by 4pm but B&B guests did not arrive until nearer 7pm. In the meantime one of our cottage guests who only arrived last night has had to go back home due to family problems so we have a vacancy we will put on the Internet and refund him what we can if we relet. Sat down and read the paper after a light dinner.

Forgot to mention woken on Friday morning by the sound of clapping. Turned out one of the hooligans had ventured into the car park and one of the guests was trying to shoo it back. It eventually decided to go through our garden leaving some hoof prints in its wake. Needless to say it has been issued with an ASBO!