Sunday 23 March Easter Sunday A white Easter!

Woke up to a covering of snow as expected. Nobody in or out today and had thought about going for a walk but never did. Went down to Bakewell for paper and bottle run. A few lambs out at Green Cowden and they are in the midst of a busy lambing time. I understand it is getting a bit congested in the lambing barn as it is too cold to send the new borns out yet! Still did all the things I had planned to and more. Spent a few hours sorting out personal papers, some of them from before we moved, and some of them could now be thrown away! Took the dogs out for a walk around the fields again. A quiet day for phone calls and emails so finished by 6pm. Also finally ordered my bedding plants and hanging basket plants. Better clear the greenhouse for the 300+ plants that are on their way! Watched The N01 Ladies Detective Agency – have read the book and enjoyed the TV adaptation.