Sunday 23 December

Up and another bright day – lovely for a walk – if there’s time! Both B&B guests departed after breakfast as did one of the cottages who were only here for two nights. As a result we needed to turn the cottage round which we did after getting a paper from Bakewell. Our neighbours from Green Cowden Farm also dropped by with a card . Our friends went for a walk in Lathkill Dale and were going to the Lathkill Hotel for a drink on the way back. We hoped to join them but didn’t have time. After lunch Fay came up and spent a few hours doing brochures. I had hoped to do some accounts but we like to get the brochures out in the few days between Xmas and New Year so I helped too. We had our last two sets of guests arriving this afternoon. Both were coming from south of London and the weather reports had indicated bad fog. Both had hoped to be here by late afternoon but with the fog and traffic one turned up just after 6pm and the others at 10 pm having taken 11 hours to get here! One thing we always do at Christmas with our friends is a jigsaw so we made a start on one. This evening we had a Chinese take away.