Sunday 22 June

A brighter but very breezy day. No eggs from the hens today, the variations in weather can affect their laying. One B&B in later today. After breakfast went and got paper and checked room was ready for later on. Spent time today tidying up the office and getting some things ready for my holiday. After lunch planted the trough at the bottom of the drive with geraniums. Followed back up the drive by a group of inquisitive cows. Guests arrived about 5pm, they have been here before. Cooked a roast dinner and sat down for Top Gear. The feature on police cars really made me laugh. Had a few phone calls during the evening, mainly about B&B. While I am away Chris will be providing a continental breakfast for B&B guests and it is understandable in this day and age when so few of us have a cooked breakfast that this does not appeal to everyone. A lot of the B&B experience today is the cooked breakfast aspect.