Sunday 21 September a bonus day

Another lovely start. With one set of B&B guests out early we were able to turn the room around sooner than expected and find time for a walk. A bonus on a day like today. So with sandwiches and dogs in the car headed first to Bakewell (which was busy) to get a paper then onto Youlgreave where we parked in the car park at top end of the village and paid the voluntary charge. From here we walked down into Bradford Dale and up to Middleton where we had a wander around the village. Spotted some Trabants that belongs to one of the residents. These have caused some controversy in the village and been the subject of planning appeals.
We then walked back down into Bradford Dale and along to the footpath that leads up to the middle of Youlgreave. A little further on we found a nice spot for our lunch after which we headed back into the village and back to the car. As we still had time we made a trip to nearby Arbor Low – the Stonehenge of the north. Built probably around 2500BC the henge was discovered in the late 19th century with some excavations in the early 20th century. Within the henge there were some 50 limestone slabs, originally upright in an circle, not dissimilar to Stonehenge, but at some stage fell into disuse. Still it is in a lovely setting and we discovered we could see Bolehill from there. I took a picture but as it was hazy I really need to put an arrow to say we are here! We also walked over to Gib Hill where there is a neolithic long barrow probably built around 3000BC. A very interesting area archaeologically and there were quite a few people around having a look and enjoying the weather. Headed back home via Monyash where I bought one of the yummy ice creams from the cafe. Our B&B guests arrived just after 4pm and they enjoyed their welcome pot of tea on the patio. As it was a nice evening we then took a snack over to one of our picnic spots looking towards Magpie Mine and watched the sun set over Kirk Dale. Back for a light tea before sitting down and yet again, I have some insect bites as a reminder of a pleasant evening.