Sunday 20 January

A wet day was forecast but it didn’t turn out that bad, but having said that the flood watch on the River Wye from Buxton to Rowsley has been upgraded to a flood warning. There already is flooding at Rowsley where the Wye and Derwent met. When we went to get the paper we noticed that the flood defences were in place by the Co Op where the footbridge goes over the river to the car parks. One B&B guest out with one B&B back in so one room for us to turn around. Also one cottage in but that has already been done. Chris suggested going out for lunch so we drove around to the tea rooms at Flagg but they had a cycling group in for lunch so said it would be a while so we decided to go elsewhere. It was nice to see they were busy. As Monyash was nearer we dropped in at The Smithy and must arrived at the end of the lunch rush as we found a table and did not have to wait long. Back in time to deal with the emails and phone enquiries. Sometimes emails are not a yes/no and price but take some calculations which may result in nothing. B&B guests arrived about 4pm. They have been treated to a two night stay by one of their children. Cottage guests arrived about 5.30. Had tea and sat down and answered some more emails using the lap top finally finishing about 10.30.