Sunday 2 November

A dreary day weather wise. Two B&B out and none back in and one cottage out and two back in, one of which is Chris’s parents. Had a chat with one of the B&B guests before they left. They live near Tewkesbury and were telling us stories about the flooding there last year and the aftermath. Went down to Bakewell to get paper and do bottle bank run. It was noticeably quieter in Bakewell today than recently. After coffee Chris drove up to York to collect his parents whilst I got on with usual chores. Had lunch then checked cottages were OK for this afternoon guests as well as some general chores around the house. First cottage arrived about 3.30 and Chris got back with his parents about 5.30. After dinner sat down for the new series of Top Gear and Stephen Fry in America which we have been enjoying.