Sunday 2 December mixed day and a night at the opera

Took the dogs for a walk in the rain before turning round one of the B&B rooms for tonight’s guests. One of the cottages left early today too. After a coffee we went and got a paper from Bakewell then took our friends around to see the cleaner and new baby. We drove back via Chatsworth and the farm shop where we made a quick visit. The car park was busy but we did not have to queue for long. Came back and cooked a lunch. By now the weather had turned as it had cleared up earlier. After lunch our friends left for home and we had a few hours to do things before we went to Buxton. One thing I did was to sort out the laundry and write a letter to advise the existing laundry I will not be using them until further notice. Our B&B guests arrived about 5pm. My businessman arrived this evening too. Tonight we went to see ‘Carmen’ at Buxton. Another fine performance by the Chisinau Opera. We also bumped into one of our near neighbours who also runs a B&B. Home by about 11pm.