Sunday 16 September these things are sent to try us!

A bright but breezy start with rain forecast later. One B&B couple departed but no-one in today so we thought we would do something for a few hours. We had thought about a walk but after I had taken the dogs out I thought it was too windy. We went down to Bakewell and got the paper and had a coffee at home while I decided what to do. One of the other options was to go to the Hartington Wakes at Pikehall. Various events were on the programme including harness racing which I have never seen but they do hold regular harness racing events there. There were also various horse and dog events as well as other displays etc. The program mentioned cattle but I assumed they would not be there.

Some of the guests came back to watch the grand prix and as Chris was chatting to them in the courtyard there as a loud noise. I heard it from inside and went out but we could not see anything. Chris went for a walkabout and came back to say that a major part of a tree in the paddock had fallen down and the noise we heard was it falling on the stone wall. We went and had a look and could see that most had fallen on the wall with some large branches in the paddock but two thirds of the tree is still standing. It was quite windy, but we would have thought not windy enough to bring down a part of a tree, but too windy to do anything about it at that point especially with rain forecast.

So we went to Pikehall, after Chris had re tuned a TV, and yes the harness racing was quite interesting. We had a cob for lunch and wandered around the rest of the show. It was still very windy and starting to look threatening so when we left we thought we would drive the long way home and have a look at a couple of villages. It has been a long time since we have been to Elton, it seemed bigger than when we last saw it although in reality little development has happened but living somewhere makes you look at places in a different light. We then went to Birchover and on to Stanton in Peak where we had a little walk. We can see our place from there, it is one of the villages we can see form here, and we found a house for sale which seems to present a nice development opportunity.

When we got home it had just started to rain and I found myself spending a few hours dealing with emails and phone calls but at least I got some bookings.