Sunday 16 November a bit of fresh air!

Sorry to those of you in the south of the country who endured cloudy skies, drizzle and rain. We had blue skies and sunshine! Three cottages out and one back in today. I was a bit miffed with one cottage as they had left a dining chair outside in the damp all night. (Someone had used it to sit on and have a cigarette!) Went down to Bakewell for paper and to empty bottle bank. One cleaner up to one of the cottages round. With it being so nice we went for a short walk over to Sheldon where we stopped at the pub and had a drink and a bowl of soup. On the way back we stopped and looked at a property in Sheldon that the Park Authority had placed a ‘stop order’ on as it looked like there was some hidden building work going on. It was drawing a lot of attention from passing walkers. Took a couple of pictures on the way back and it is interesting that with the sunlight being a lot lower at this time of year we realised that we could see both Baslow and the Chatsworth Hunting Lodge from the nw corner of our land. Back home checked the cottage before the guests arrived, which they did about 3.30. We then spent a couple of hours going through what my sister and I need to do for probate and potential Inheritance Tax (you have to fill out forms even if none is due). Phoned my sister and a friend before cooking dinner and sitting down for Top Gear and the final part of Stephen Fry in America.