Sunday 15 June All change (for the cows anyway!)

A busy day with both B&B out and one back in and one cottage in. Also today Andrew, Ian and Joanna moved the cows around. Sounds simple but it was a lot more complicated as some needed to be moved through fields where some cows were already so some had to be put in other fields temporarily. Chris got a call to put up the electric fence in the paddock so a few mature, responsible cows could graze a little. One group had to be moved from the left hand field, around the back and into our front field. A group of youngsters in the middle field were running back and forwards mirroring the movements of the tractors and other cows. It was quite comical at times. Eventually they were all where they were supposed to be. After guests departed we went down and got the paper and did a bottle bank run. Came back and turned the room round. Although a bit threatening at times, the weather held and we managed to find an hour to relax on the patio with the Sunday paper. Could get used to this! Cottage guests arrived about 4pm and B&B guests about 5pm after which checked bookings/ brochure requests to send out tomorrow. After dinner sat down about 9pm.