Sunday 14 October

So much for the nice weekend. Another drizzly start which again never really cleared. A strange Sunday in that none of the B&B’s left today so I had to service the rooms (after we had gone to get the paper). Also gave a new set of linen to one of the cottages who arrived last Monday and are here until next Saturday. This is the second time this year they have been here. Cooked lunch for us and Chris’s parents. After that we did the VAT returns for the business’s and I filed all the bits away from last quarter. This is basically all the booking forms for the cottages and B&B’s, registration forms all accounts paper work, statements from credit cards, Streamline (debit & credit card slips) invoices etc. Hopefully the postal dispute is now over so I need to pay this months bills. Also have a few bits to post to guests.

Checked some cottages so less to do tomorrow. Also finally ordered my spring bulbs. Had hoped to get some gardening done this weekend. Sat down before 8pm!