Sunday 13th – Day at Sea

A day at sea and hopefully a chance to relax. After breakfast went with sister to a lecture on amber. The stone has never done much for me but I must admit after the lecture I will look at it in a different light. Then it was time for the Church Service which was really full. After that it was my turn for my reflexology session. I had one a few years ago so was looking forward to this. Reflexology works on the basis that the map of the body corresponds to the soles of the feet and by applying the pressure you can identify and work on areas of the body that are not in balance. At the worst it is no more than a lovely foot message! The man who was doing my feet said my general health was fine but felt I had a mineral imbalance. At the end he gave me a fact sheet about mineral imbalances and I could immediately identify with the symptoms so it was worth having. Then all three of us had a light lunch in the dinning room. After lunch sister had her turn of reflexology which she enjoyed during which I did some tidying up in the room. We relaxed up on deck for a bit before the afternoon tea and a swim before dinner. After dinner sister and I did the quiz then went and watched the new entertainment group they have on board who sang exerts from operas. Gain another hour tonight.