Sunday 13 April

A day of bits and pieces. Said goodbye to one B&B guest who has booked the room she was in for the next time it was available – 12 weeks time! Our B&B rooms are quite well booked for the weekends for the next few months. They say in his business the one thing you can predict is that you cant predict anything! This year we are taking more bookings from Europe than we have done before. This is probably because the £ is so weak to the Euro. This weekend we have a family from the Netherlands visiting their daughter in Sheffield, they have booked to come back again in September, and I have taken bookings for the summer from families from Belgium and Germany. There was also one cottage departing. After everyone had left the couple who have moved to Ashford called in so we had coffee before we went and got the paper. When we came back I got on with my usual tasks before a late lunch. I then spent a little time up in the greenhouse doing a bit of tidying up and planting on the plants that arrived a few days ago. Saw the first hot air balloon of the season. Cooked a roast dinner and sat down about 8.30 pm.