Sunday 12 October

Sun back out this morning and it felt warm. Both B&B out with one back in and one cottage out with one back in. Cottage had been cleaned yesterday but we cleaned the B&B ourselves. Half expected a phone call with a late booking from one of the tourist offices but it did not happen. Still after getting the paper from Bakewell and cleaning the room had lunch outside! Washed our walking trousers which had got a bit muddy the other day, but this time I made sure the washing could not blow into the pond! Unfortunately I did not check my trouser pockets as I discovered I had left a tissue in them after they had been washed! Cottage guests arrived at 2.30 after which we spent a little time in the garden. Chris had another leaf blowing session and ‘hoovered’ the lawn of leaves. With a lot of my summer pots finished for the season I moved them up to the greenhouse and went round and checked how other plants were faring. B&B guests arrived about 4.30. After dinner called round to see one of our former cleaners and also popped in to see Andrew and Joanna.