Sunday 11 November Happy Anniversary

Today we have been here four years. Still only feels like we have been here a few weeks. This morning we were one chicken down, for the last few days we could tell one was on its way out and last night we decided it was not going to last any more (it had not moved all day) so sent it to hen heaven.

One B&B room out (they left us some wine and some biscuits for the dogs) and one cottage later in the day. Had thought about a walk but it did start to rain. Went and got the paper and decided to have an easy day. Thought about going for afternoon tea somewhere but didn’t, thought about going out for an evening meal but the place I liked is closed on Sunday evening. So we had a quiet day. Was going to do a bit of gardening but didn’t. So pottered really. Got some things ready for tomorrow as it will be a busy day. Took the dogs out for a walk in the fields just before sunset and threw sticks. Blue enjoys chasing them. Cooked dinner and sat down to watch Top Gear.