Sunday 11 January

Woke by the wind and saw one of the most vivid of sunrises which I got Chris to photo so will add that in the next day or so. Two cottages out and none back in today so a quiet few days with just a couple of cottages occupied. Went down to Bakewell and got the paper and took the bottle bins. Also went for a walk around Bakewell as we were determined to work out where the jigsaw picture of Bakewell Church was taken from. (I have finished the jigsaw). I had worked out a couple of possibilities and we got pretty close (without trespassing in any ones garden!) to finding it. As we had the camera to hand we took some pics of Bakewell as we walked back to the car. Otherwise a fairly quiet day. Took some bookings and discussed my plans for certain changes in some cottages with Chris, althougAdd Imageh it is unlikely we will effect them until later in the year. Did some household jobs and outstanding personal work and sat down for Larkrise to Candleford.