Sunday 10 June A few hours off!

A good day had been forecast but it started rather dull. After breakfast we decided to have a few hours off as we had no -one leaving or arriving. We could have done work (I never seem to be up to date with the paperwork) but we hadn’t had any real time off for over two weeks.

We decided to do a walk and chose a short three mile walk starting from Grindleford station. From Grindleford station we walked on good paths through Upper Padley through to the edge of Hathersage, stopping to have some sandwiches on a convenient boulder. The sun came out but the haze hid the best of the views down the Hope Valley. We had to walk a short bit on the Sheffield Road before turning to go down into the Derwent Valley crossing the rail track en route. There were a lot of other walkers along this stretch of the river. At a brook we then turned and walked back up to Grindleford station where we stopped for a cup of tea in what was the old ticket office. It was very busy and a very ‘interesting’ tea stop. The station is at one end of the Totley tunnel, which is the second longest rail tunnel in the UK.

We went home and after checking emails and telephone calls had a light tea. This evening we went to the Buxton Opera House to hear a talk from Sir Chris Bonington. A very interesting evening.