Sunday 10 Feb A busy Sunday.

Breakfast can be like a military operation. Guests can let me know what they would like for breakfast the night before. If they do, this helps with planning. Today I had four guests for breakfast at 9am. With one vegetarian and three different types of eggs I had up to 6 frying pans and two grills on the go. Phew! Another lovely day, hazy, but the sun was warm enough to have coffee outside and for the first time I noticed the dawn chorus when I woke up.

One cottage and one B&B out with three cottages and one B&B in so one cleaner up today. Chris and I cleaned the B&B room. When we went to get the paper we noticed it had been colder down in Bakewell overnight as there was ice on some car windows. With it being a nice day and many people out we had a number of people calling in for brochures. The children of one family were so taken by the dogs they did not want to leave. First guests arrived just before 3pm with two other arriving simultaneously just before 5pm so Chris was called into service again! Last guests arrived at 10pm.