Sunday 1 June May’s weather stats

Had hoped for a mainly dry day as the forecast indicated the wet weather would stay to the north of Sheffield but unfortunately it was raining by 10am and it stayed wet for most of the day. Went down to get the paper and empty the bottle bins. Spent most of the day catching up from yesterday and doing some personal paper work. Also spent some more time surfing to find the ports of the cruise and what ships were in. I found a wonderful site where it had our itinery with all the other ships and total passengers in port for that day which I printed off. Good news is that in some ports we are the only ones, but in Copenhagen we have to share the city with 8000 cruisers who are on four other boats! It will be interesting to see how big those ships are! Our final cottage guests arrived for the rest of the week in the early evening. Had dinner and sat down for

Weather stats. The warmest day was the 11th with that night being the warmest. Highest temp was 22.5 C. The coldest day was the 19th with that night being the coldest and lowest temp of 2.6 C. A total of 2.01 in rain with 1.03 in of that falling on the 28th (and most of that in an hour). Last May we had 3.43 in. Highest UV was on 29th at 7.6.