Sunday 1 July lots to do and June’s weather statistics.

With another wet day forecast it was one of those days to knuckle down and get paper work sorted out. As the the quarter end has just finished I spent a lot of the day making sure all the accounts were posted before we finalised all the accounting entries (including paying myself!). We just have the VAT returns left to do. We did not finish until nearly 9pm but we also had the accounts of Chris’s business to sort too and with all the paper work in on our remortgage we had some decisions to make. I found time to roast a joint (I rarely roast in summer but who said it was summer!)

The warmest day was the 9th – that seems like a year ago now
The coldest day was the 26th – I didn’t think of it as particularly cold but the wind was coming from a more northerly direction

The wettest day was not surprisingly the 25th with 1.85 inches making a total for June of 6.35 inches, beaten only by January with 6.76 inches.