Spring on the way? Thursday 19 February

Two weeks ago we were shivering with a snowy day. Today I was aware of bird song when I woke up and also when took dogs for walk. Snow drops are coming out and we have seen the first lambs in nearby fields. One of our peak district cottages out but none back in. Went down to Bakewell to get hair cut which I should have done two weeks ago. Bakewell was busy. Bumped into Sandra from Ashford and we had a chat. Back for lunch then Chris went off to his digital photographic session. As it was pleasant afternoon decided to have a walk around the property and gardens and check that we have had no plant fatalities so far this winter. Took the dogs with me and they had a little run around. We were in the paddock when I could hear a rumbling in the distance. When I looked I could see a low flying chinook heading this way. It passed over very low and when I turned round there was a second one. Jumped out of my boots! Pity I didn’t have my camara. Good news was that I couldn’t find any casualties. Hard to believe I will soon have to think about ordering summer bedding plants. Did a bit of housework and accounts and an early tea so we could get off to Buxton. Tonight we saw Tom Paxton. This was Chris’s choice. I am not overly keen on folk music but must admit I enjoyed the concert.