Sheffield Wednesday 29 April

My probate interview for dad had been arranged for today in Sheffield so after usual chores set off and made good time. As usual found a car park but not the one we were looking for but it was not too far away from where we wanted. After my interview we also popped into see the solicitor who will be handling the sale of dads bungalow when it happens. It was a lovely day weather wise so I was glad our guests could enjoy it even if we couldn’t. Sheffield is where the World Snooker Championships are currently taking place, a good financial boost for the city but also making it busier than usual. Took some photos around the city. It does have some interesting architecture. This also reminded me that I haven’t put the pictures from our Lathkill walk on the blog yet. Took advantage of being in Sheffield to do a little ‘retail therapy’ which meant window shopping rather than coming back with lots of bags. Still did make a few purchases. Back home to our peak district cottages to discover the cows (which are heifers in calf – so they will start going back across the road as their date of confinement approaches) have moved into the front field, much too Blues consternation. He spent some time observing them from behind the garden fence! After dinner did some paper work before sitting down at 9pm.