Saturday 9 August a wet change over

At least the guests were able to depart before the rain set in. Six cottages out and the Dutch guests changing cottages and one family in same cottage for a second week. So 7 cottages to clean and whilst they were out we changed the bedding in the cottage where they were staying on. Three cleaners but no Fay today. We always hate cleaning on wet days. If you keep doors open to air cottages then carpets, mats and floors get wet which they do to an extent by walking in and out. Trying to keep clean linen dry when taking them to cottages is a nuisance but we often us things like shower curtains to keep dry. For me doing my final checks going back and forth to cottages and back to the office and trying to keep dry is impossible. I end up with wet shoes because I wont wear them into a cleaned cottage so they stay on door steps. Included in today’s tasks was the defrosting of two freezer units. With no major problems encountered work completed by 1.30. Had lunch then did the B&B rooms and my final checks which I didn’t finish until gone 3pm. By 3.30 no guests had arrived and in fact the first guests didn’t arrive until 3.45 by which time I was starting to worry. It was then an hour before the next guests arrive, and like buses three arrived at once! One has been here before. Two sets of guests will arrive tomorrow. All in by 5.30. Watched highlights of today’s Olympics. It was about the time of the Athens Olympics that we started doing B&B. I believe we will still be here during the 2012 Olympics too! Chris went to get some fish and chips during which time there was a heavy down pour. So I donned my raincoat and inspected the gutters and the soak aways. These are the times problems are visible. Sat down about 8.30.