Saturday 8 November a brief Bolehill update

A number of subjects to mention. We had our annual Visit Britain inspection of the cottages Tuesday and everything seems fine. She was also very helpful and gave me some advice on some issues.

As of Wednesday we will no longer be operating as a B&B but will still continue to let the cottages (see for more info). A number of our recent guests have been aware of this which has come about since the introduction of new fire regulations. One of the consequences is that B&B’s with less than six letting beds will no longer be classified as domestic premises but as business premise and we will have to install preventative measures as found in hotels. We have always taken the safety of our guests seriously but have decided we do not wish to deface our house to meet the fire services requirements and therefore reluctantly we will have to close. I will miss this side of the business and the many regular guests that have stayed with us and hope some will return as cottage guests. I will try to find out how many breakfasts I have cooked over the last four plus years!