Saturday 8 December more carols

A wet and horrible start with a wet day forecast. Took the dogs for a walk in sodden fields. We have already had a couple of inches of rain this month. One cottage out and one cleaner up to turn a couple of cottages around. I had a blitz on a number of outstanding jobs including tidying up the cellar. We had also bought tickets for the Baslow Choir’s Christmas concert at Curbar church so after dinner we left about 7pm. The concert was very good and they performed Carl Jenkins’s ‘The Armed Man’. This was the first time I had heard the piece in full and I might buy it. The audience had their part to play and joined in with some carols so I ended up singing some of the same ones that I sang last night! Also performing were The Plague O’ Bells aka the Eyam hand bell ringers. I first heard them a couple of years ago and enjoy listening to their work. After that we retired to the pub across the road for a drink before going home. On the way back we stopped in Bakewell and walked to the river. It was very swollen and fast and we had seen that it had already breached it’s bank along the flood plain in a couple of places. Very worrying.