Saturday 7 June All change!

First Saturday with full change over. Today seven cottages out and six back in with one swapping to stay a second week. One cottage had phoned worried that as her husband had hurt his back he was not well enough to travel so they may have to cancel. They will wait until tomorrow or Monday before making a final decision. Also one B&B out and back in. So three cleaners up and luckily no problems encountered although first guests arrived before I was completely finished. Out of the seven cottages three have been here before and one has stayed in the B&B. Most arrived between 3&4 pm with the final cottage arriving just before 5pm at the same time as the B&B. They also run a B&B and are here for the Chatsworth car rally. Had fish and chips for dinner. Sillaging is going well. They were collecting from the fields around us today so it was a bit noisey at times. Tomorrow the weather forecast is good so I have planned a walk.