Saturday 7 February

Another sunny but cold day. One cottage out and two back in but one cottage left today who should have left tomorrow because of the weather forecast for tomorrow. Still icy where sun has not reached and trying to get about the cottages is more difficult, especially for me as I always worry about falling as I broke my arm when young after slipping on ice. One cleaner up and after lunch Chris and I took our cameras and headed to Chatsworth House (only 10mins from our Peak district cottages). It was very busy with families making the most of the snow so we took lots of pictures. Stopped at the Garden Centre and bought some plants in the sale. Had to brush the snow of some plants to see what they were! Back via the Farm Shop in time for our first guests who arrived about 3.30. Final guests arrived about 6pm. Cooked a roast dinner before sitting down at 8pm.