Saturday 6 September

Another big changeover today with six cottages out and six back in with one arriving tomorrow although booked in from today. Two cleaners and Fay up and with timely departures and no problems everything was finished by lunch time. This also gave me the time to do a few odd jobs. First guests did not arrive until 3.30 and there were intervals between the arrival of all the guests with the final cottage arriving about 6.30. Out of the six arrivals today three have been here before. Better weather today here but obviously there are problems elsewhere. Our guests with the collies last week had left something behind and when I phoned them they told me they had had to walk the last mile home due to flooding (they live near Morpeth, which was on the news). Had just over 1 in rain today as well as just over 1 in yesterday and so far this month we have had 2.99 in rain. There is some minor flooding in Bakewell along the flood plain and there have been problems in Ashbourne too. Went down to Bakewell and did a bottle bank run and got some fish and chips. Had a walk along the river which is high and the flood defences have been put out in some places. After dinner sat down just after 8pm.