Saturday 6 October

It feels strange waking up and knowing this Saturday will be quieter than yesterday. Only two cottages out with three in and one to arrive tomorrow. Took the dogs for a walk and nearly came back for my camera as out of the mist rose a balloon. We have had more balloons in the area this week than all summer. Two cleaners cleaned four cottages and were finished in three hours. All three cottages have been here before, two of them since I started blogging. The first couple arrived early so they could drop their bags of and go for a walk. The second couple arrived just after 3 pm, and the third couple at 5 pm. In between I had a couple come and look at he cottages. He has a contract job for a few months and is looking for somewhere to stay short term during the week. His wife came too as some weeks she might stay. I was able to sort some accommodation out for the next couple of weeks and we will see how things go. We also popped up to the Chatsworth Farm Shop to get some lunch for tomorrow. A quiet evening in and I turned the office light off at 6 pm!