Saturday 6 December Novembers weather stats

Chris picked me up at Macclesfield at about 11.30. Train had been packed so I upgraded my second class ticket for £15 to travel first class as the train today made additional stops including Birmingham International (Clothes Show). Stopped at the tea room near the Cat & Fiddle and had an early lunch. Back and sorted out bits and checked on two cottages where guests were arriving today. There is still some snow here where the sun hasn’t melted it. First guests arrived about 3.30 then I went down to New Close Farm in Over Haddon. Had hoped to go to Matlock for a few hours as there is a Christmas Market on which is becoming a regular annual event but the second guests didn’t arrive until nearly 5pm. Turned off light at 8pm.
Mustn’t forget Novembers weather statistics. Coldest day was 29/11 with the coldest night 22/23 November. Lowest temperature was on 29/11 at -3.2. Warmest day was 14/11 with highest temp of 11.4. Warmest night was 13/14 Nov. Total 3.19 in rain compared to 2.41 last November with the wettest day the 9th with .85 in rain. (Blogging at this time of morning as waiting for one cottage still to leave. Will have to go and knock on door shortly as cleaner nearly ready to start cleaning there.)